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SOUNDS # 18 - Mai ’70
Cover: The Can

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Picture Spencer Dryden
The Can, Interview,
Rainer Blome


Das Ende von Spooky Tooth, Pierre Hoffer
The Incredible Sting Band - The Incredible U, Raine Blome
New Music Meeting Berlin
Velvet Underground,
Robert Greenfield aus Fusion
Nico, Pierre Hoffer
Progressive Pop Festival Cologne ’70, Rainer Blome
12. Deutsches Jazz Festival Frankfurt, Ulrich Olshausen
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Neues auf dem Plattenteller
Richie Havens, Stonehenge, Ben Edmonds
Blodwyn Pig, Getting To This, Pierre Hoffer
Limbus 3, Same (?), RB
Atomic Rooster, Same, Pierre Hoffer
Van der Graaf Generator, The Least We Can Do Is To Wave Each Other, Marc Spark
Faces, First Step, Marc Spark
Hairy Chapter, Eyes, Rainer Blome
Andy Roberts, Home Grown, Andy Leigh
John Mayall, Empty Rooms, Marc Spark
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, Deja Vu, Pierre Hoffer
Stone The Crows, Same, Rainer Blome