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Cover: Captain Beefheart


Leonard Cohen, Interview, Rainer Blome
Aufstieg und Fall des James D. Morrison, Rainer Blome
Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band, Dick Lawson (aus: Zig Zag)
David Peel & The Lower East Side, Interview, Dieter Ryfisch
Blind Faith, Rainer Blome
Isle Of Wight, Hans Krüger
Sonny Murray, Robert Levin (aus: Jazz & Pop)
USA Scene

usa scene
usa scene 2

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Neues auf dem Plattenteller
Amon Düül I & II
The Stooges, Same
Santana, Same
The Frost, Frost Music
Raven, Same
Alice Cooper, Pretties For You
Edgar Broughton, Wasa Wasa
Illinois Speed Press, Same
NRBQ, Same
Taste, Same
Blues Image, Same
The Flock, Same
Mad River; Paradise Bar And Grill
Chicago Transit Authority, Same
Lighthouse, Same
Leslie West, Mountain
Neil Young, Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere
Crosby , Stills & Nash
Liverpool Scene, Amazing Advntures
Jeff Beck, Beck-Ola
Jethro Tull, Stand Up
Grateful Dead, Axomoxa
Blodwyn Pig, Ahead Rings Out
Soft Machine, Same
Fairport Convention, Unhalfbricking
The Nice, Same
Don Cherry, Where Is Brooklyn?
Ornette Coleman, Ornette At 12
Sonny Simmons, Manhattan Egos
Golowin, Vienna Revisited
Alex v. Schlippenbach, The Living Music
Larry Corryell, Same
Pharaoh Sanders, Karma
Paul Horn, Inside
Burton Greene, Presenting Burton Green
B.B.King, Live & Well
Albert Collins, Truckin’
John Mayall, Turning Point
Canned Heat, Hallelujah
Dr. Strangely Strange, Kip Of Serenes
Savage Rose, In The Plain
East Of Eden, Mercator Projected
Humble Pie, As Safe As Yesterday

The Poetry Of Rock, Bantam P3694
The Age Of Rock, Jonathan Eisen
Acid, R.D. Brinkmann, R.R. Rygulla (Hrsg.)
Das war New Orleans, Stephen Longstreet