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SOUNDS # 29 - Mai ’71
Cover: Miles Davis

EMI gewinnt Prozess gegen Raubpresser
Stoneground jetzt auch auf Platte

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Tourneen & Konzerte
The Band
Vandergraaf Generator/Jackson Heights/Audience
Amon Düül II/The Can/Krokodil
Brian Auger/Mogul Thrash
Emerson, Lake & Palmer

Juicy Lucy in Karlsruhe /
Andreas Roßmann
‘Ohr’ Free-Concert in Hamburg/Holger Elmgren
Climax Chicago Blues Band in Offenbach/
Horst Hartwich

Pop-Clubs in Deutschland
Miles Davis - Ist Miles wirklich Miles?
Günther Buhles
Quatermass, Günther Buhles
Mountain, Annegret Maas
Tangerine Dream - ein Interview von Rainer Blome
Pink Floyd - ein Interview von Holger Elmgren
Blues Masters (4) - Muddy Waters, Rainer Blome
Seatrain, Zok Zokker


tips & antitips
Isley Bros. & Jimi Hendrix, In The Beginning, Rainer Blome (2/3)
Cpt Beefheart & His Magic Band, Mirror Man, Rainer Blome (1/2)
Focus, In And Out Of Focus,Michael Wallossek (2/3)
Cactus One Way...Or Another, Michael Wallossek (2/3)
John Cale & Terry Riley, Church Of Anthrax, Rainer Blome (1)
Johnny Winter And, Live, Michael Wallossek (3)
Boz Scaggs, Moments, Michael Wallossek (2)
Jethro Tull, Aqualung, Michael Wallossek (2)
Canned Heat & John Lee Hooker, Same, Zok Zokker ((1/2), John Lee Hooker, Endless Boogie, Zok Zokker (2)
Annexus Quam, Osmose, Michael Wallossek (1/2)
Songs Of Humpback Whale, Rainer Blome (1)
David Crosby, If I Only Could Remember My Name, Zok Zokker (2)
B.B. King, Live, Zok Zokker (1)
Woodstock Two, Michael Wallossek (-)